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Our office can take care of your tax affairs in Greece. We can automatically submit your annual tax return in order to not loose time, to avoid problems with deadlines and with the tax authorities. You just need to inform us at the beginning of each new tax year (January) of any changes in your tax situation that took place in previous tax year. (see our document: tax for European citizens).

Our office can inform you by email or by phone of any existing or potential problems with the tax authorities. We can also advise you of any important changes in tax legislation that will affect you. We can advise you how you can establish any kind of business in Greece and we can take care of all the paper work, accounting and tax declarations etc.

We can advise you about tax planning in order to pay minimum tax (Income tax, property tax, inheritance tax etc.). We can advise you how to make any investments in Greece, while complying with the law. We keep a record of your tax history.

Our experience, our knowledge about the tax agreement between Greece and your country to avoiding the double taxation, and our very reasonable fees will guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Because the taxation legislation changes very often, the above information is liable to change. Ask to receive official information about the taxation legislation now; in order you will save money in future.

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