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Please see delow the document you need to prisent to the police autorities with your passport in case of audit in the streets the first is for workers and the second for all the other cases:

Obtaining Greek tax number

It is mandatory to have tax representative in Greece. If you take tax number without tax representative you will classified as Greek tax resident, liable to tax your world income in Greece. We becoming your tax representative and submit your yearly tax declarations and property declarations. The only needed documents are your passports, your marriage certificate with apostil and an authorization letter (we provide this to you) with your signature verified from Greek tax authorities (KEP office, police office, consulate)

We are informing you about the new obligation for the owners of rented buildings. You have to contact your engineer in order to issue the energy efficiency certificate for the buildings you rent. It is mandatory for us to include the certificates number in the electronically submitted lease agreement. If don’t have the certificate the authorities can calculate fines from 1.000,00 to 10.000,00 Euros after auditing.

Important notice! You need to submit property declaration (E9) to the tax office 30 days from the date that you signed your property purchase contract.

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