Atsalakis George

Assistant Professor – Economist, Laboratory of  Data Analysis and Forecasting, Technical University of Crete

More than thirty years experience as economist, researcher, accountant and author.

Bachelor in economic sience, Master in business organization and Management, Doctoral Diploma in prediction of stock prices with nerve-fuzzy systems.

Windsurfing,tennis, jogging and skaki are my favorite hobbies.


Atsalaki Kanteraki Niki

Μore than thirty years experience on taxation, accounting and insurance.
Bachelor in Accounting.
Swimming, dancing and dekupaz in my leisure time.

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Gavrilakis Stelios

 Many years experience in accounting.                      

Bachelor in Accounting.

skydiving and crossfit training in my spare time. 


Gordienko Hlias

 Some years experience in accounting.                      

Bachelor in Finance and Accounting. 

Barbeque and exploring are my favorite hobbies.   

Orfanoudaki Athina

More than fifteen years experience in accounting and taxation.

Bachelor in Accounting and Master in Banking, Finance and Accounting.

Study of positive motions and gentle body training are my favorite hobies.   



Stavroulaki Maria

Many years experience in accounting.                      

Bachelor in Accounting.

Pastry cooking and sports training in my free time.